ARLA audits

If you are a principal, partner or director (PPD) member of a property company which holds client money, then you must produce on application, and thereafter within 6 months of your financial year end, an accountants' report showing compliance with ARLA Bye Law 3.

The Association will only accept an accountants' report which has been completed and signed by a chartered or certified accountant who is a member of one of the supervisory bodies which are recognised by the Financial Reporting Council's Professional Oversight Board for Accountancy. Hardy & Company fulfills all your ARLA requirements as we carry out the necessary compliance work with efficiency and experience. We will provide an annual report confirming compliance with the Association's Bye Laws which will include mandatory reconciliations so that the partners of the firm can concentrate on the business.

  • Compliance with ARLA bye-laws
  • An Accountant's report
  • Systems support for any further assistance you may require in implementation
  • Advice on management issues and best practice